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Live Edge Walnut Serving Tray/Charcuterie

Softened, sanded edges for a smooth feel and authentic look, this live edge walnut piece serves as a great serving tray or charcuterie board.  Seasoned with food grade mineral oil and finished with a beeswax and mineral oil blend for added protection.


Width of 9" - 12", length of 20" and a thickness of 1/2", you will have enough space for a variety of items while maintaining a light weight feel.



  • With natural wood grain, there are variations in every board, so yours will look similar but not exactly like the one pictured
  • Conditioned with mineral oil, then sealed with a mineral oil and beeswax mixture for better protection
  • Design ratios and dimensions may have slight variation due to the nature of the wood and cutting board length & width ratio
  • For special requests (thicker boards, other wood species, different design) please utilize the "Contact Us" tab
  • Applying a conditioner monthly (more or less depending on use) significantly increases the longevity of the board
  • For more information about care, wood species, grain and more, please reference the "Resources" tab

Live Edge Walnut Serving Tray/Charcuterie

Expected to be in stock by March
  • Please reach out using the "Contact Us" section with any questions, concerns or product issues and we will respond as soon as possible.

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