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A Little About Me

Ever since my first shop class in middle school, making small tic-tac-toe boards or little candy dispensers, I have been fascinated with woodworking.  One of the best aspects being the endless possibilities of what can be created, limited only by your imagination.  Through High School I worked more on making wood furniture such as desks, nightstands, and bed frames, which was a lot of fun but requires quite a bit of space.


Fast forward to today, I have chosen to focus my efforts on smaller wood projects that are very customizable to keep my creative side engaged.  I enjoy cooking and entertaining, so items such as cutting boards, charcuterie boards and coasters are things I use and love to create.  I have often found that if you love what you sell, the quality will show.

If you have any custom requests or other products you would like to see made, please let me know below!  I will do my best to make your vision a reality.

Thanks for submitting!

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